"The Place for Flammkuchen"

The Flammerie combines “flamm” the German abbreviation for flammkuchen, our signature woodfired flatbread, with “erie” the French suffix meaning “the place for.” Hence, The Flammerie: The place for flammkuchen. 

When co-owners of the Black Forest Flammkuchen food truck, Andrew & Conny Chase decided to anchor down and set up a brick and mortar space that centered on the unique and delicious German-French flatbread, there were a few essential criteria. 

Just like flammkuchen, one of the lesser known Germanic dishes, the restaurant menu would also be inspired by other uniquely French, German, Austrian and Northern Italian dishes like maultaschen, fleischplanzerl, spaetzle and knoedel. 

With a less than ideal prep kitchen at the start of their food truck life, a lot of the vegetable and meat cookery had to be done in the truck’s woodfired oven, and the flavors and textures yielded were so good, a large portion of the menu for The Flammerie had to come out of a 1200 degree, purely woodfired, oven. These old-school cooking techniques and old-world foods required a space appropriately fitting that would feel Alpine on the interior and quintessentially Hudson Valley on the exterior. The circa 1850 building chosen, which was at one time a general store, a bar, a bookstore and many other businesses in the center of the historic Village of Kinderhook fit the bill perfectly. 

Flammkuchen is also traditionally a dish meant for sharing, especially over a bottle of wine, and the menu and service encourage a communal dining experience via share plates and a specific brotzeit menu, made up of snacks and shared appetizers. 

Construction of The Flammerie began in late 2013, and was quickly delayed due to structural and logistical issues. Perhaps The Flammerie would never have opened without the incredible support of the local community; from buying flammkuchen from the food truck every Wednesday, to a cheese maker tweaking the texture of the cheese to better work on a flamm, to farmers dropping off emergency ingredients at a moment’s notice, to neighbors mowing the lawn and shoveling the sidewalk, and to some incredibly talented and creative carpentry.